Aga Servicing
Aga Servicing

My specialist area of electric Aga cookers has been established from 33 years experience, having initially served an apprenticeship with an Aga agent and then becoming a troubleshooter for the East of England with Aga, before deciding to become self employed.

Electric Aga cookers can be moved, refurbished and rebuilt and for many people without natural gas, or with flue problems for example, can provide an excellent cooking facility within their home.

The 30 amp electric Aga operates on a night storage system whereby it draws electricity from Economy 7 overnight and the heat is then circulated throughout the Aga during the day.

The 13 amp electric Aga operates without the use of Economy 7 by using the electricity over a 24 hour period but controlled by a remote controlled programmer.

We also undertake servicing and repairs on the new generation Total Control Aga Cooker and the Dual Control Electric Aga.

My electric Aga service offers complete servicing and maintenance, troubleshooting, refurbishment and sale of reconditioned electric Aga cookers.

Aga Servicing Aga Servicing