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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Aga cookers need a chimney?

Yes for gas and oil but if you do not have a chimney you could still have an electric Aga installed, which only requires a vent pipe.

Do I need a site visit?

It is always advisable to have a site visit if possible, to establish whether the position of the Aga and flue arrangement is acceptable. To inspect oil tanks, oil lines, gas lines and electricity supplies where appropriate.

Do I have to leave my Aga in my house if I move?

No, all Aga cookers can be dismantled, relocated and rebuilt successfully.

Are Aga cookers noisy?

No Aga cookers do not make any noise.

How do I determine what fuel would be best for an Aga?

You need to establish what fuel supplies you have to your property, for example, if you do not have mains gas and no chimney, then an electric Aga would be your only option. You may need to consider the running costs associated with oil, gas and electricity.

What is the difference between 2 ovens and 4 ovens?

A 2 oven Aga consists of a roasting and simmering oven and a boiling and simmering plate.

A 4 oven Aga consists of a roasting, baking, simmering and plate warming oven, with a boiling, simmering and warming plate, or can have the option of an electric 2 oven halogen or gas hob.

Can I turn my Aga off during the summer?

Yes many people turn the Aga off during the summer months and relight it when winter returns. Aga cookers provide not only superb cooking facilities but efficient and effective heating of the kitchen. Whilst the Aga is running, a constant heat source is always available for cooking and heating purposes.